Jennifer Weßeloh

Jennifer Weßeloh


Name: Jennifer Weßeloh
Age: 38 years
Place of residence: Rosengarten near Hamburg
Hula Hooping since: January 1st, 2021
Training: Certificate Hula Hoop Trainer by Hoop your Body

About me:

I'm Jenny - mom of three children aged 16, 6 and 4. I work part-time in the delivery room in Lüneburg and my passion for hulahoop tires came at the end of 2020. It all started in January 2021 with a challenge from you, dear Elli :) and then it took its course.

At first it was anything but easy, but little by little I got better and better. Then I dared to take part in the live workouts, which wasn't easy, but through regular practice with the hoop, I managed to do it. And so over time the hoop and I became really good friends!!!


TuS Fleestedt
  • Always Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Always Tuesdays & Fridays
HNT HausbrucherNeugrabenerTurnverein
  • Always on Thursdays

    Contact details:

    Instagram: @hulahoop_by_jenny



    Mobile: 0176-48813010

    Course inquiries are welcome via mobile or email