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The ideal hoop is the most important thing for starting your training with a fitness hula hoop or for advanced training in order to effectively get closer to your goals.

That's why we have the perfect tool with our product quiz to recommend the right products for your training goals based on specific questions about your training level, body, size and age.

The quiz only takes a few clicks and you will receive your product recommendation without any further effort.

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How heavy should the tire be?

A weighted hula hoop is easier to hold up. This means it requires little technology. However, hoop swinging with a weighted hula hoop puts more strain on your abdominal muscles. The heavier, the stronger the workout. For acrobatics with the hula hoop (hoop dance) you need a very light hula hoop.

You can find more information in my blog on the topic “The ideal weight of your tire”

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Which size should I choose?

Did you recently try out your little niece's hula hoop and did it immediately fall on the floor? That was because he was way too small for you.

A larger hula hoop is easier to keep in the air

A small hula hoop requires you to spin faster, which makes it harder to correct if you're not careful. And that's why the tire hits the ground faster.

You can find more information in my blog on the topic “The ideal size”

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