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Yes, unfortunately the skin has to get used to the intensive massage effect! Therefore, if you have bruises, please take a break. We always recommend starting with 3-5 minutes and increasing slowly. If you get bruises, please take a break until your skin recovers and then start slowly again. Once your skin gets used to it, it's no longer a problem and you can hull for as long as you want.

Feel free to watch the relevant YouTube video . Otherwise, the most important thing is to tense your stomach firmly and then NOT take the momentum from your hips, but only move your pelvis forward and back or to the left and right. (Don't circle)

Please start with a few minutes so that your skin can get used to it. To train effectively, you should hull for at least 20 minutes at least 3-4 times a week.

Yes, this is important so that your muscles are trained evenly. At first it's completely normal that one side works much better than the other.

This is different for everyone . Don't give up, you can do it.

Quality plays an important role when it comes to hula hoops . It shouldn't be too unstable. And the weight of the tire should also be proportional to your body weight.

up to 80 KG - 1.5 KG

from approx. 80 KG - 2.2 KG

It's best to wear very tight clothing. At first it works best on bare skin.

This is usually because the feet are not parallel to each other or too much momentum is taken from the hips.

This is because the feet remain relatively rigid and this can disrupt blood circulation . It often helps to wear good sports shoes or move your feet a lot.

Hula Hoop is an incredibly effective workout. Nevertheless, it is advisable to also maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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The right tire depends on your body weight:

The 750 g hula hoop is suitable for beginners and also for children weighing 20 kg or more.

The 1.5 kg hula hoop is suitable for a body weight of up to approx. 90 kg and for beginners and advanced users.

The 2.2 kg hula hoop is suitable for a body weight of approx. 80 kg or for advanced users with already very strong muscles in the stomach and back.

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