Having the right hula hoop is half the battle. The most important thing here is that the hoop is nice and stable. The more stable the hoop, the easier it is to hula hoop. In addition, the size of the hoop plays a (warning: pun) “big” role. I always hula hoop and train with a fitness hula hoop. These usually start at a weight of 1.2kg and have a diameter of just over a meter.

My personal favorite is definitely the colorful hoop. We tested, sawed, measured and wrapped so many hoops. And for me there hasn't been a better tire than the colorful or the black. Due to its thickness, it massages a good area of ​​the body and despite its stability, it is pleasantly soft.

My experience

It's a lot more fun with the tire and I've now received a lot of confirmation of it. Hulling works better for many of my followers. I'm grateful for that.