Jona Latza

Jona Latza


Name: Jonah Latza

Age: 41 years

Place of residence: Beverstedt (Cuxhaven district)

Hula Hooping since: 2015/2018

Training: Trainer C license DTB instructor Hula Hoop Fitness (VTF Hamburg)

About me:

My name is Jona Latza and I live with my husband, my two children and our dog Haily in a small village (Beverstedt) in beautiful Lower Saxony.

In 2015 I discovered Hula Hoop. The hula hoop then sat in the corner for a few months until I started hulling regularly in 2018. However, it didn't quite work out at the beginning; how many times I wanted to throw the hoop into the corner. I finally got ambitious and thanks to Elli I stuck with it! I watched a lot of Elli's videos and invested more and more time in hulling, and after a short time I was able to circle in both directions. Hula Hoop changed my life! I have become more relaxed, fitter and much more self-confident, my posture has changed positively and my back pain is almost gone.

In 2021 I completed my training as a Hula Hoop Fitness Instructor in Hamburg. I want to pass on the passion and friends for hula hoop and motivate people to believe in themselves and their goals. No matter what age, body shape or fitness level, everyone can huller. Hullern makes me happy and clears my head.


LEB / Bildungswerk Wesermünde-Süd eV

  • In the Feldhofhalle Beverstedt - every Monday
  • In the Bramstedt gym – every Wednesday
  • Trial lessons - on Saturday
Online course
  • always Tuesday

Individual training

  • present or online upon request

Contact details:

Instagram: @live_with_hula_hoop



Course inquiries are welcome via email