Recommended trainers

Alter: 29 Jahre
Wohnort: Kiel
Huller seit: April 2020
Ausbildung: C-Lizenz Schwerpunkt Fitness, Hoopflowtrainerin

Alter: 39 Jahre
Wohnort: Herdecke (NRW)
Huller seit: 2021
Ausbildung: : Übungsleiter-C-Lizenz, Sportstudium an der TU Dortmund, Grundschullehrerin und Beraterin im Schulsport

Alter: 36 Jahre
Wohnort: Riegelsberg
Huller seit: 2020
Ausbildung: Trainer C in Ausbildung, Zumba-Instructor, Aquafitness-Trainerin, 

Age: 48 years
Place of residence: Lichtenau (near Paderborn)
Huller since: Spring 2020
Training: Trainer C license

Age: 47 years
Place of residence: Wittmund
Huller since: February 2021
Training: Sports exercise leader C, recognized yoga teacher training (further training in Yin Yoga, yoga for breast cancer, business yoga, back) specialist sports leader for health sports and conditioning & fitness

Age: 38 years
Place of residence: Rosengarten near Hamburg
Huller since: January 1st, 2021
Training: Certificate Hula Hoop Trainer by Hoop your Body

Age: 48 years
Place of residence: Gaimersheim (near Ingolstadt), Bavaria
Huller since: 2020
Training: Hula Hoop fitness trainer, running trainer, Nordic walking trainer, WW (Weight Watchers) coach, IHK certified specialist for nutrition and weight management

Age: 29 years
Place of residence: Heidenau (Lower Saxony)
Huller since: Winter 2021
Education: C license, exercise and nutrition, spinal extensor chains, HIIT

Age: 41 years
Place of residence: Beverstedt (Cuxhaven district)
Huller since: 2015/2018
Education: Trainer C license, DTB instructor Hula Hoop Fitness (VTF Hamburg)