Ines Pison

Ines Pison


Name: Ines Pison
Age: 47 years
Place of residence: Wittmund
Huller since: February 2021
Training: Sports exercise leader C, recognized yoga teacher training (further training in Yin Yoga, yoga for breast cancer, business yoga, back) specialist sports leader for health sports and conditioning & fitness

About me:

Hello, my name is Ines. I live in beautiful East Frisia, the city that is called the gateway to the islands. I am married and have three big children. Thanks to our dog, I get a lot of fresh air.

I offer lessons/courses in the area of ​​company health management (BGM), TSV Marx and BSC Burhave. I started hula hooping again due to a serious injury. The doctor said that from now on I would only do yoga without arms. My motto "It's not possible! Find ways instead of reasons." helped me with that.

With Hula Hoop I managed to amaze doctors and physiotherapists and was able to function fully again. The body is a masterpiece that can achieve incredible things with determination and the exercises that suit you.


TSV Marx

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    Instagram: @meer_hula_hoop


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