Nina Herzig

Nina Herzig


Name: Nina Herzig
Age: 39 years
Place of residence: Herdecke (NRW)
Hula Hooping since: 2021
Education: Trainer C license, sports studies at the TU Dortmund, primary school teacher and advisor in school sports

About me:

My name is Nina Herzig, I am 39 years old and live with my family in beautiful Herdecke. 3 years ago I was inspired to hula hoop by a good friend who took part in one of Elli's challenges. Since then I have been addicted to hula hooping and I pass on my joy of it in hula hooping courses.

I have always been enthusiastic about sport. I swam for a long time, did gymnastics, danced, played various team sports and was involved in the very broad fitness program of my sports club. At the age of 13 I got my group helper's license, then my trainer's license and then studied sports. I am now a primary school teacher and deputy headteacher at a primary school and work as a school sports consultant for the Arnsberg district government. I have always remained loyal to the sports club and have always supported it in the children's and fitness areas.

My heart's project at the moment is to bring hula hooping into schools and encourage clubs to offer hooping courses for children and young people. To this end, I have designed two training courses that introduce the basics of hula hooping, its materials and the structure of practice sessions and series of lessons, and use many practical examples to illustrate the diversity that hula hooping brings.


TSV Herdecke

  • Every Tuesday and Friday

Further training:

  • “Hula Hoop Kids” – training for teachers and instructors for primary school children
  • “Hula Hoop Teens” - Training for teachers and exercise instructors for young people

School project weeks :

  • in primary and secondary schools

      Contact details:

      Instagram : _nina_christina_



      Course and training inquiries are welcome by email