Sandra Dietl

Sandra Dietl


Name: Sandra Dietl

Age: 48 years

Place of residence: Gaimersheim (near Ingolstadt), Bavaria

Huller since: 2020

Training: Hula Hoop fitness trainer, running trainer, Nordic walking trainer, WW (Weight Watchers) coach, IHK certified specialist for nutrition and weight management

About me:

Hello and 💕welcome!
I'm glad you found me through Elli's site.
My name is Sandra and I love good food and exercise!

However, it wasn't always like that... I felt like I was overweight since I was a child. After countless diets in which I tortured my body and only gained more and more weight as a result, I (with a fair amount of respect and also a little fear) dared to go to a WW meeting. The first step into my new ME.

During this time I was able to learn a lot about myself, my body and also my behavior in certain situations. Nutrition and, later, especially exercise became more and more important to me... and so I was able to gradually lose the pounds. A total of 30 kilos! A completely new attitude to life.

First I found a love for walking and running, then came Hullern... to be honest, it wasn't love at first sight. At first the tire didn't really want to rotate on the hips. But I stuck with it and even completed training as a hula hoop fitness trainer in 2021 and have been giving courses since then.

Being able to help other people, some of whom are just as desperate and unhappy as I was back then, to inspire them to adopt healthy habits and find the sport that they enjoy... just nice.

As a fitness trainer, I want to pass on my passion for Hullern, running... simply more exercise to other people through my courses


  • Hula Hoop coursesHullernd to feel good” for beginners and advanced users
    Outdoor (from May) and online via Zoom
  • Running courses “Running for a feeling of well-being” for beginners and advanced runners
  • Walking courses for beginners and advanced
    With or without smoveys/sticks… whatever suits you best.
  • Individual training for beginners and advanced users
    Special training tailored to you
  • Weekly workshops on nutrition, exercise, mindset and sleep in Gaimersheim on site and online via Zoom
  • Feel-good trip (once or twice a year) with an activity program (hula hoop, running/walking, hiking, tennis, yoga, aqua gym...) fun, nature, good food and great people... a weekend to feel good and always according to the motto: EVERYTHING CAN, NOTHING HAS TO
  •  Various activities and events (company run, St. Nicholas fundraiser run, run for tree, city cycling, challenges...)

    Contact details:

    Instagram: @wwcoach_sandra_dietl



    You can find all information, dates and prices for the courses on my website.