Juliane Lohmann

Juliane Lohmann


Name: Juliane Lohmann

Age: 29 years

Place of residence: Heidenau (Lower Saxony)

Huller since: Winter 2021

Training: C license, exercise and nutrition, spinal extensor chains, HIIT

About me:

Hula Hoop is my great passion. As a mother of two children, there isn't much time for sports. That's when I discovered Hula Hoop. Perfect for me because I can easily integrate it into my everyday life. And in my courses I can motivate other women and men and give new impulses - because Hula Hoop is very versatile!

The second important point for me: due to scoliosis, I have back problems if I don't strengthen my back (back pain used to be my everyday companion). Since I've been a regular huller, that's history - and I'm having a lot of fun doing it!

This also gave rise to the mobile break for the office. I know the problem of sitting at a desk all day. During the mobile break, the whole body is mobilized (sometimes with, sometimes without hula hoops).


Mobile breaks for companies/companies – continuous offer

6 - 8 week Hula Hoop courses – Buchholz 08 sports club (21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide)

6-8 week Hula Hoop courses (beginner + advanced) – relaxed & fit family studio in 21435 Stelle

Online courses on request

    Contact details:

    Instagram: @juliane_lohmann

    Email: juliane-lohmann@web.de

    Homepage: https://app.bodycontrol.io/trainers/detail/BMeYaniX2wPlfLkHlpOl2qocWG22

    Telephone: 0162 8940125

    Course inquiries – via the above contact details